available jobs in kenya

available jobs in kenya

a you was going as jake here from topfme welcome back to another gt5 epic maps i'm joined by brian and of course where you are from time to time i'm nothe threw that in a nope i don't know jeff teague they forget like net threeseconds you think you can pick me jake be like they were for gun i thought youwere the homeless guy behind the dumpster for a while but now we know youwork here so we are taking an episode 14 and thisis snipers verses cars are cars versus snipers are awesomeness whatever youwant to call it run want to explain how the map works to this is a really coolone

i so basically there's going to be twoteams one are which is going to be up on hiscrate someone else neighbors i mean we have to shoot the people inthe car is the other ones are gonna be the cars and have to drive of the rams andactually hit us arm so it's pretty much gonna be really chaotic have a full lobby fordoing this all mccall do you own a car on the sniper at allbut here in august so i got a swerving drive hit some 200quite its slump

it bhutto's fun i think what color car you i'm in asilver looks like an aston martin pretty pretty cool i take back this onei think i cant awesome so i'm taking you out around income foryou got a full body i'm getting shot down asummit up i got ok i'll go over this guy welsh august you ago you know he is it iran asniper oh god oh god oh god for cool all i get is a is repair thing a what's on my own peepsthese are my people

with her with the ball right now i don'tknow who you are but you scare me with okay okay i got wire so maturepeople over here oh god or i'm gonna get this guy or not you'regoing to ok i'm sure you did i needed more speed tributes your huge and heavy rain why do you do i'm a very sexy young ladythat league i've so much you all bought brought all i i was killed at i you i got real i come back as one youpeople is on the nation all

i mean jet elimination oh no well nowi'm here all really but i'm unarmed oh yeah iwant a car this is gonna be fun we have their way well america are your car i have got a car it's great worst worryi don't see them up there i walter around solano others down air ithank you this grueling of august all day and i'mnot saying i have to go back up on the crate that's why i dj come up on thecruise with me a minute email on dole but you to comeup

the don't get shot and iran a day incoming rounds ryan economies really big cakes right here or accountup there so many i don't have a sniper who one i wannawalk arounds big ten everything much butts are joe all i got fired i you owner was a confusing you outside or getothers works do we just wary i mean i think it just keeps goingnow

and then we just do you get for us theabaco %uh got eyeball that here skew you look at this baseball orange summer there you now rrm i j no kimi all all of guy what's hop the hump to care is safe of it you %uh need info by dr. sniper i j comes to cars aka he look

a car were of the yellow ones you don't yellow way he's my teammate %um wherefrom their yellow oh i see our fosteryellowman william okoye auto you activate it sumsit up perfectly alright oh yeah element fellhome okay yellowman down it's okay ran you could pick you or run back for gun ignore what justhappened burned by yellowman i killed him well howdy there

all to redcar welcome you're on my team where the enemy's you are are a hook all go home i dot it did speed or i got flattened by your gmailhun poem i don't see me and yet i j barkley you for there i'm gonna be trying him akaowner pick my car here like this red one rather than a stick kami the red rock itback in preschool no am backing of

nikkei a preschool but and every gara which car you in i'm a red one oil isthat you it's a really classy car where are you idon't harass i for you i up retracted is on the way a good idea why the charlie retrofittedas a cuz you cuz road up yeah i read car backin pop you rather than come in is up on the building other yeah

i you're okay i'm he's back open y pino help are you dead yet were just to be surei'm gonna park my car on top your dead body okay they'll go up there i'm gonna i'mgonna drive this no burial for you drugged uk tied it up there with the car no is that physically possible yes butvery hard if i did it would i be rewarded wat i i'll are you up to not gone up you dead

are you killed someone mr not dat yukiohas got a climbs big cakes all love you missed a cake okay said big katie a new car jake ago sniper not a car but you can ridethat baby like a kenya of the red rocket ok fear i'm rana rodeo with now confirmed your eyes arm where are you i'm graham retro anyonewant to face me now sun king at this place all get offnobody can touch a mister rose ako homers occurs a

so i'm hottest those faced by 8:30 eula really you are you not up to now don't know i'marm up to i'm in heaven round are at seagram gap idea man i'm gonnatry and make a jump she wants you to know that our miss you micro mister motorcycle wifey to shipbut getting of them or so and then try my hardest to get off buscar very still goes down akhil hip let's go with a red rocket wegot bills to pay

how you follow me ranks i'm cameraman who's that white menbecause i jesus on on on auto hi mister you're dead alllike him you gotta the i'm pretty sure the rocketfailed rock up all soft gum molotov cocktails and i'm not an alcoholic write a check develops you on fire 0 that wasn't funny i got it fire i'm going to chew misterrocketmail still i first

don't lie to you but i i ok a hoax no not the real draw low as your repair i'm giving the middle finger this year here i can i don't own a speeder i'm tell my mother and children i love them like a a fail already the bird yes a guy i have a new design to wearbrown i'd like you to cum sandwhich me still are not gay if the new are you up oh yeah hope be crack it's okay i gotsam which

only its firewall whoa whoa hold on let's take a picture boys pick up itsrodeo me on top on bottom let me on rhino got it's anenemy 0 magnotta no thats my ok together make romeo and juliet do the drag julia our relationship is much like a chinesewoman in a we want up jager co-chairmen they can you comeover here a quick

where are you the idea bodog cocktailout i'll i like i ok im ryan a day because he had a carwhich arise got a lot of ok home from you welsh who were you get these they all myjob i hope ball mister yellow man i need thiscar for police operations he's not listening to me he's notlistening to me mister yellowman this period arias from you mister yellowman

and you have a car yet i think are got orbiting i think that we're over augon august day we care enough people for today who care i'm new one and the abyss andit's a good idea well anyway guys thanks for watching atthis gta 5 episode of course if you enjoyed the map please not get head downthe script down below and download it we also appreciate you guys you hit thatlike button smash that like button just destroy it your heart if we get muchlike sum this up so guys are really love it

and i will be back every week with somenew awesome gta 5 content including gta 5 epic nasri got a really cool maps inthe works i and some other stuff show up to guessthank you very much watching if you're new to the channel don't forget to hitthat subscribe button to always be notified of new and ask content thiscourse has been taken right from team 50 and we'll see you guys next tamron youmay say goodbye well thank you for everybody 0


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available jobs in kenya