bank vacancies in sri lanka 2015

bank vacancies in sri lanka 2015

india is great! people of different religion.. peacefully with each otherin this country. in division there is unity. that is why india is great. nations enemy. terrorist. mafia. they tried to break our unity. and still are doing it. like the blast in 1993 in mumbai.

coimbatore bomb blast in 1998. akshar dham attacks in 2002. hyderabad blast in 2007, 2013. with the help ofthis filthy activity.. ..they tried to break the nation. but they couldn't succeed. that's the spirit of india. the gangster who ran awayafter mumbai blast.. ..sadhu was one of them.

singapore. hong kong. malaysia. philippines.after possessing these countries. he became the god fatherof south east asia. he befriended theterrorist for power.. ..and spread unrestin the country. sadhu was big obstacle tothe indian government for 20 years. but one man stoodagainst sadhu's empire.. his name was badshah. people joined the mafiaso that they could earn money.

or spread terror. but badshah had joinedthe mafia for his father. have shaken the mafia gangs. great! but you did a mistake. you tried to attackthe godfather of mafia. this robert. you killed the brother of robert. robert was crazy about movies.

he used to watch 2 movies in a day. after watching it,i used to think.. ..when they catch the villain. instead of killinghim why do they advise him. i used to get confused. now i understood. this is intoxicationto see fear in people's eye. good news. i won't kill you right away.

i will make you flutter. how? how? how? daddy. i got it. i willkill your father in front of you. bring badshah's father. if you shut the lion ina cage he doesn't turn into a cat. when the lion breaksthe cage and comes out.. ..the hunter gets hunted. badshah,not only the hong kong police.. ..but the indian policeis searching for you.

just take care of my father. there is a solutionfor every problem. and i will find a solution. when humans feel cold theycover themselves with a blanket. where will the animalsgo when they feel cold? don't be selfish. see the needs of fish. now i havethe right to have breakfast. inky. pinky. come for breakfast.

you remember what you have to say.- yes. sister, i cleaned the toilet.- i dusted the house. there is no need to lie to me.have your breakfast. sister, what's wrong? you didn't lecture uson social work before the breakfast. why this sudden change? as i am going back to indiaafter finishing.. interior designing course. to make my last10 days memorable..

i will enjoy to the maximum. sister. why didn'tyou inform me earlier? then it wouldn't be a surprise. hi charles! hi! - bye. - bye. bye. - bye christopher. bye andrea. bye. - bye. too much sister. we areliving here since our childhood.

but no one knows our name. you are here since a are famous. how do you manage it? sonia settled in india. sister will take a reverse. come to italy and accept it.- hi angel. you may be laughinghearing hi's and byes. in italy chow means hello. if you want to knowhow they know janaki..

..then we willhave to go with them. we were going for an outing whydid you bring us to the hospital. don't worry. come with me. good morning, sister. good morning.- we would like to donate blood. that's the reason you didn't scold usand allowed us to have our breakfast. i won't donate blood. look. if you eat toomuch your stomach gets upset. but by donating blood.. will get happiness.- i don't want such happiness. we need b positive bloodfor a patient immediately. do you guys have b positive blood?- yes. one minute. daddy!! why did you call me urgently?what's the matter? are you alright?- we are fine. but you will be squeezed.- do i have to give blood again? what do you keep doing? do you know how tensed my job is?

they are waiting forme at the location. - uncle. you get money from your job. but by donating bloodyou will be blessed. i get this blessing every month. but you earn once in 6 months.- you will be blessed. is he the donor? - yes. he is. please sir.please come with me. don't worry uncle.- we will wait for you. they took out my blood.i am feeling weak.

uncle, be positive. they have taken b positive.- uncle. doing good is likea ball hitting a wall. when it returns itwill more happiness. that is not the case. i had taken a loan for a producer. he is not picking up my calls. these days the ball doesn't.. ..come back if you hit itto a wall. it gets stuck.

you need to pull it out. that's bad. hello! what? did you come? thanks sir. what happened? - that producer hadcalled up. he has returned the loan. i told you. the ball returned this time around. learn something from your dad. you are a family.but you are not intelligent.

they group is different. they are not large hearted.- oh yeah. oh god!now what is she going to ask? i just remembered it'sworld's heart day today. i need to get a child operated.- sorry dear. they took my blood.please spare my heart. daddy! what are we doing here? we are begging like beggars.- no. no.

help someonethen see in their eyes. you will find doubt in their eyes. shut up! it is very difficultto explain things to you. come let's do some collection. you are not some film starto get money easily. we have just got some money. let's move from here. no way. until we don'tfinish our target of 10,000..

..we won't move from here. 10,000 euro's. - yes. we will have to rob the bank.- that is not required. let's wake up people's conscious. we will have to wakeup their conscious? wow! i need a dictionaryto understand this language. we will have tocall michael jackson. excuse me. no. - listen.

you are behaving like a fool. i was waiting foryou but you didn't come. look babli,don't fool with my life. now i know why people callyou dishonest babli. - hello! hello! hello! please wait. dude, you did thisfor that girl. right? when she came to thankyou why did you avoid her. the story would haveended with thanks.

she will think of me.. ..for the wholenight as i ignored her. that's what i want. he came and helped me. i don't know whether i'll meet himagain. - i won't meet you again. babli, you want just that. you can stay happy without me. alright. not only from your life. but i will leave this world too.goodbye.

i am telling you. stop! don't move. i am coming there. don't move over.- wait! why are you coming here? do you want to die? come here.- what are you doing? why did you stop me? you helped my charity unknowingly. so will you push me and help me?- no. what are you saying? stay with me for a day.- sorry, i am not of that kind. hello, i am not a cheap person.- are you costly?

oh god! is he mad? i am leaving. but you wanted to spenda day with me, right? yes. i will give you manyreasons to live in that one day. you will forget about committingsuicide. life is very beautiful. please! i have more to say. give me one day.- alright. i will come with you. if you die instead of me,how will i manage? thank you. i am saved. - people fulfillthe wishes of the one who is dying.

in this case, the dyingman will fulfill your desire. i will give you a day.but on one condition. what is the condition? if you can't createa hope in my life.. ..then you willdrop me at this place. as babli has left me penniless. okay. done. hello ma'am.- hello peter. not peter. now, i am peter ganesh.

please sit down.i will get you something. peter ganesh.there is a story behind this name. did you save me to bore me? you have one day. and you aretelling me stories about others. have patience.i am coming to the point. peter also wanted to commit suicidelike you. - at the same spot. not the same spot.but on the spot. i saved him. i saved him and brought him home. and asked him whatis your problem? tell me.

he said he did many kindsof business, now he is broke. he looks foolish to me.- no. that's not the case. his partner cheated him. just like that dishonest babli.- exactly! i said peter, you needto be brave to finish your life. instead use that braveryto make your life. he changed in a day. when i ate the food that he made.. ..i asked him toset up this restaurant.

gave him a ganesh idol. and some trust. with this trust his business flourished.and solved his problem. life is beautiful.death is horrible. he understood this.did you understand it or not? when you face problemsdon't be scared. accept your troubles too. face your problem bravely. in the same way dealwith life with a smile.

he had a financialproblem so it was fine. i have a physiological problem. - i know. peter was okay in one shot. but you will need time. what will this statue teach me? have patience. hello janki.- hello james. james was pick pocketer once. what did you see in him?- patience.

he could stand inone place for hours.. rob someone. -i got it. you found a way by whichhe could earn money. - correct. earlier james used to pick pocket. now people pay him. look. hi sister. - who is he? he is ramraj. if i wouldn't be ontime he would have committed suicide. ramraj, my cousins.inky. pinky. - i am sorry. don't mind him.he is in a state of shock.

his lover cheated him.- he looks like a cheat himself. did you see what she said? the one who is cheatedby a girl becomes shameless. i followed babli to this country. i have no money. whenever i think of her.. ..i feel like someoneshould embrace me. and say,ramraj, everything will be fine. don't worry. be brave.

but there is no one. no one at all. let me alone. - ramraj, wait! come here. look, don't worry.i am there for you. don't worry. look, he is embracing sister.- she kicked me out of her life. that reminds me. life is a playground. we don'tstop playing if we lose the ball. we buy a new ball. don't be disheartenedif you don't find babli.

your problem isn't very is very small. i will tell you about someonewhose problem was much greater. who troubled that person? god. at the age of 3,he lost his mother. and he lost his fatherat the age of 13. and when he was 23?- that is too far. the next year helost his uncle and aunt. oh my god! is he still alivewith so much sorrow?

who is this man? what do i tell you?i had doing yoga. i was touching my feet and shethought i am committing suicide. she brought me to her residence.i don't have to work. i am enjoying. life is fully happy. i won't get this life again. i feel someone is here. good evening ma'am.- yes. good evening. any progress. inspired by youi want to live now.

i learnt to help othersjust like you. - very good. what did you do? i distributed pastato the poor near the church. distributed pasta? just like 'nan-roti' isfamous in india. in italy pasta is famous in italy.- very nice. what else? then i carried the girl in my arms.- mukul? i didn't mean that. she came to me.- did you do anything?

not at all. - she slippedas her feet fell on a banana skin. that moment was very joyous. i am reading your biography. on the philosophy of balls. it is very nice. - mukul,i don't like to be praised. keep writing. did you open a toystore to sell balls? don't you know about thephilosophy of madam's balls? who is this fool?

he is ramraj.- tell him to go to exile. he was committing suicide.his lover cheated him. - ma'am? what happened? i just thought of babli.i am leaving. - wait! no. don't worry.listen to me. - ma'am. nothing will happen.- ma'am, i want to die. i am there for you. don'tsay such things. - i want to die. i am with you.- leave him. let him go. let him go anywhere and die.- mukul!

if i would think in thismanner would you have been here. sorry ma'am. - idiot! he will stay here for the night. do you get it?- what should i do? take care of him. explain to him myexample and philosophy. create a desire in him to it? he will now die.- i got it. ramraj, look.

we used to write with a pencil whenwe were kids. do you know why? so that we can rectify our mistake. we write with a penas we have grown up. there is no chance for mistake. what a thought! ma'am, should i writeyour idea of the pencil. mukul. how many thingswill you write? alright. write it down. ramraj. - yes ma'am.

think about what i said.- about the pencil? correct.i will meet you in the morning. what if i remember babli at night?- mr. mukul will take care of that. mukul, is it alright? - yes. we will go to bed. - good night. i will miss you. good night. who are you? if you want to commitsuicide then do it. you are fooling an innocent girl.

where is the alcohol? which alcohol?- vodka. do you understand thebrand with the smell? i can tell the characterwhen i look at a person. he is smart.- don't you have a family? i do have a family.mukul, you need money. i need janki. 10,000 euro' will work for me from now. you made me happy.

ramraj, look. on that sidelies death. and life on this side. the decision is yours.- ma'am, it's an amazing example. i will write it in yourautobiography. - stop it! don't you know i don'tliked to be praised. write it. ram, a problem is like a ball. when you look at itclosely it will look big. if you throw it awayit will look small. i will throw the ball.but how will i carry babli?

she is very fat.- oh, that's the matter. you don't love babli but hate her. forget your hatred.your problem will be solved. how can you forget hatred? janki has all the solutions.mukul, come here. - yes ma'am. imagine he is babli. remove your anger on him. - ma'am. i had a heavy breakfast. i don't want to have more. - thisis a treatment. please corporate.

ramraj. -yes. close your eyes andtake a deep breath. did you take it? remember all thedishonest acts of babli. remember them.let your anger come out. let your anger come your eyes. did you come, babli? ma'am.- you havetortured me a lot. you didn't consider me your own.but made me a servant instead.

whenever you usedto change your houseyou asked me to help you shift. whenever you had guest in yourhouse you made me to cook food. i used to wash vessels.and you enjoyed my money. ganesh. ramesh. suresh. used to watch movies with them. and kept me waitingoutside the movie hall. brother, is she in italy? sorry ma'am. - give me the phone. how dare you spoke to otherswith this phone that i gave you? go to hell! - ma'am.

what happened? this is amazing. i lost my hatred.- i lost my phone too. so what? it was just a phone. ramraj's anger is out. it's great. ma'am. - yes. in a day i am notthinking about death. if we stay together for some days,i will find a path to live my life. please ma'am.- sister is not free for some days. she has to return to india.- until i return to india..

..ramraj will staywith us till then. sister! - you need a ball to play. he wants the ball to live.- exactly. you catch the feelingsof a person very well. badshah. how far have you reached? i have found janki. the work will beover in a few days. sadhu's people have reached italy. i'll take care of that.

take care of dad. alright. i just touched youand you tried to kill me. you got saved otherwiseno one touches me from the back. hi! welcome to meet the star. let's meet today's celebrity. he is a famous film director. he has done the hanging ghost.the ghost killed a witch. football with brains.

he has made scary comedy films. let's talk to nath narsur. nath narsur, hello. when people write stories.. ..they go to somehill station or abroad. where do you go? among the ghost? - what? yes. i build up the storyalong with the ghost.

stupid man. - the director must writethe story along with the writers? why with ghost? - the writersdon't understand these things. the ghost understands it. we have heard that you have.. affair withthe heroine of your films. this is my way of working. having an affair withme makes them shout.. ..and they look like a ghost. the other directors say thatthey are the captain of the ship.

what do you say? - it's nonsense. according to me, a directoris not a captain of the ship,.. ..or a taxi driver. a pilot of an aero plane or aengine driver of a train. - then? he is a robber. - robber? the director who ask thegirls to wear short clothes.. and try to rob moneythrough the box office. you think so deeply. we have heard the character ofthe film the ghost who tickles.. taken from thelife of the don, edda. yes. - he is spicy it up. whatever you showedin the film is.. - true. edda robert may be a don for you. my search says that he isa funny man. a broker. a joker. loafer. duffer. actually he used toclean street dogs initially. when his boss had a tough time.

at that time his lifechanged and he became a don. didn't he give youany warning calls? yes. he had askedfor a few millions once. i told him that i will bang you. he disconnected the call. sir, what's your next film?- the ghost that tickles, part 2. but part 1 was a flop.- that is why i am making part 2. what if this flops too?- then i will make part 3. audience, be careful.part 2 is on the way.

this was nath nasur. i want his phone number. this anchor has worked on my mind. hello. - i am edda robert speaking. sir. - give thephone to the director. yes, right away. sir. - you keep flirtingwith girls on the phone. it's not a girl but someone else. it's edda robert's phone.shall i disconnect?

sir. - what is it, robert? what were you sayingon television? i will break your bones. stupid. i am goingto italy for a shooting. if you have goons.. ..and they have guns.. ..and the ticket money. then send them there. now, pack up. pack up.

sir, are you in a hurry to die? do you speak in thismanner with the mafia? mafia means underworld. it means under the ground. why should you fearthe people beneath the ground? when i don't respect god.i just ignore them. then i will not listento the underworld. janki, listen. janki.- who is it? director nath nasur is here.i have to show him the location.

but vimal kasur is here too. can you please manage? no problem.i will handle it. - thanks. mukul, we are getting late.we need to reach on time. yes. i am coming. but you must know it'simpossible to flirt with janki. i enjoy doing an impossible job. you have to enlighten people. why are you getting involvedin movies? - ramraj.

i have greed in doing this job. greed and you? i don't believe it.- nothing for me. but a social greed. it is nice to hear about it.what does it mean? one day i saw the interviewof this actor on television. he speaks very badly.he doesn't respect women. he doesn't love children. he has no responsibilitytowards the society.

sex. violence. ghost. witches. he is so scary. so.. ..if i can changehis way of thinking.. ..and make a filmon the philosophy of the ball.. will be shown to the world. as cinema is a popular media.- absolutely right. cinema has taughtus to dance for weddings. it taught us to sing.- it also taught us to back bite. shut up!you talk nonsense. - sorry ma'am.

the director is here. listen. - yes sir. tell coordinator gopito tell me some story. good morning sir.gopi has sent us. - where is he? sir, actually.. - is he dead? he is not dead.he has sent us to take care of you. am i a patient? sir, shall we talk at leisure? sir, this is the locationat milan. - wait!

suraj. - yes sir. what is the report about rajneeti? it is a flop. people have taken back their money. people are bad mouthingthe hero and the director, both. raj, how are you? i amnath nasur speaking from italy. yes sir. what is thesituation of the film? how can it be? your film is a block buster.- what?

the people hereare worshipping you. is it? your film is a hit. enjoy it! until then i will geta story for my new film. bye. love you.- thank you sir. love you. the people here call me flop. give my dates to nath nasur. sir, why did yousay the movie is a hit? he will know that itis a flop after 3 months.

until then he willgive us his date. even a flop hero cost us money. suraj, prepare the film schedule. sir. tell me therequirements of the story. then i will tellyou about the locations. my requirement is a story. you are finding alocation without a story? i will see the locationand come up with a story. then you can considerthat you got the story.

my boss has a story ready. just hear it's a jubilee hit. then tell me the story. what?- ready sir. once upon a time. a millionaire lived in a village. what was his name? - fakirchand. oh! - despite being a millionaire. that man has a wish.

that he serve everyone. he build hospitals,orphanage with his money. public toilet. temples. schools. roads. lakes and many other things. when he didn't haveany money left.. ..he went to live ina hut with minimum clothes. now the name is justified. fakirchand. - not only this.

i have thought ofa title for this story. what is it? fakir became rich bygiving away his property. is it a title or a story? a beggar became rich. if i make this film,i will surely become a beggar. suraj. - sir. listening to her story, i gotan idea for an oscar winning film. the wedding of a witch.

the hero of this movie islame and the heroine is a witch. in our first scene.. ..our 6 pack villain mogambo.. ..catches our heroand beats him up. cut 2. the villain is fullyblood soaked lying on the ground. then we look up. a disco song. how will a lame hero dance? the dancer director will manage.don't interfere. we will show our second villainjumbo after we cut this scene.

the hero picks up a stone. hits the villain.blood starts coming out. cut 2. comedy scene. how will he do comedywhen he has picked up the stone? he has one hand. don't you see unwanted films? now the 3rd villain tumbo. the witch drags himand throws him down. she climbs on hischest and starts singing.

munni is dancing for you. cut 2. fight. was it comedy until now? don't you understandthis is horror comedy film. what kind of film is this? ghost movies aremade in this manner. if the story is not good then itwill be played in indian cinemas. what's next? i haven't thought further.

i will think about therest of the movie at night. baby. - yes sir. show me the locationfor this story. sir. will this locationdo for that story? a location won't make adifference when there is no story. suraj, record this. some goons are runningaway from the train. suraj, the visual haschanged into a reality. visual hasn't changed.these are real goons.

ramraj, the ball which youthrow on the wall returns back. the police had caught a gangwho cheated tourist with my help. i feel these are those peoplewho are coming to avenge me. no. they are coming for me. they look like the goonsof edda robert. i know their faces. no. they are coming for me.- no. they are coming for me. why don't you listen to me? theyare coming for me. - don't fight. run before they catch us.they will beat us black and blue. wait!

they did a mistake. then why are we running.- they will hit us if we stay here. ramraj, you have fought death. can't you fight them? no. - then what is it? you were going to jump froma hill so that you could die. why don't you attack them instead? they are so many.and i am only one person. just imagine they arenot goons but babli's men.

remember all the harassmentthat babli gave you. strengthen your fist. hit them so much thatthey are hurt badly. go! robert's goons' networkis spread until here. what did you think?that he is a mere goon. come on, mr. raj. mukul. ma'am. - are youwatching the trashing? extraordinary ma'am.

it looks like a filmshoot is going on. - mukul. i am sorry ma'am. ma'am, you gave me so much power. did ma'am give you the power.- shut up! i couldn't standagainst babli's crimes. but i beat so many people today. this is madam's inspiration. it's not her words but motivation. it is not her powerbut her provocation.

ma'am, i feel. if you want you can turna mere bomb into an atom bomb. turn charcoal to gold. create tsunami in a swimming pool. change a breeze into a storm. make the lame dance. and make the dumb speak. if you want you can changea mere bomb into an atom bomb. sister, what is this? - you areeating without doing a good deed.

that too without waiting foranyone. like a shameless person. i have achieved so much in life thati can eat without doing any work. is it? what didyou achieve in life? not one but i havemany achievements. i saved peter andmade him a business man. james became famous in milan. mukul who looks like a beggar. i made him a writer. ramraj who gets scared.

he fought those goons.. well that everyonewere scared of him. just because of my motivation. now i am thinking if ihave so much power inside me.. ..then why am i sitting here? i will have to do something big.- here she goes. i will create a movementlike anna hazare. everyone will have electricity.the price of petrol will come down. alcohol will be stopped.- who all will you stop?

people become blindwhen they come to power. but he has made you blind. go and stop the chicken partythat is going on upstairs. what are you saying? ramraj and mukul are making afool out of you and having a party. they are drinking alcohol.- impossible. my disciples can't do me the scene. if you wouldn't show your fight.. ..then we would havedrank alcohol inside the room.

with the foolishness ofthat ma'am we would have died. they didn't come for her. they had come for me.- did babli send them? who is she? you keep talking about babli. who is she? - girls feel sympathetictowards men when are sad. that is why i createdthis character. you have a fighter,dancer and writer too inside you. you fooled very well.

mukul. - yes. did you give me thisso that i forgot babli? then why am i thinking of her. but the purpose was this.- but it got failed. your hurt maybe deep.- not only me. because of girls like babli,many boys are hurt. if i hadn't meet her at a function. then i would have been happy too. that means a function has playedan important role in your life.

not only in my love story. this function isimportant to many people. after that the boy andthe girl go to have a coffee. then the girl asksthe boy to go for a movie. the girls ask me to behave like ahero and promise to live together. do i look like a hero?the films have spoilt everything. on one hand something is happening.don't be scared if you are in love. on the other hand.on the other hand is family emotion. sometime happy and sometime sad.

all about your family. was this not enough thatsocial network has come in too. they spread such a trap..and the boys got /caught in this trap. these girls are always on facebook. but they fool boys there's the limit. the name is kanishka.but the photo belongs to anushka. the name is sangeeta.the snap belongs to samantha. our country is destroyedbecause of election.. ..corruption, 2g, is a single g.

g for girls. pop clubs, restaurant, resorts.. ..malls,multiplexes wouldn't have run. if these girls wouldn'tmake their father.. ..a poor boyfriend like me....their poor husbands.. spend money. but these expenses arestopped just for a day.. ..then india will become muchricher than america. i bet on it. raj, why are you so angry?are all the girls like this?

except one. who is that?- janki ma'am. our ma'am isn't a girl. but a boy. is she a lady-boy? oh no! she is a lady. g for goddess. did you observe janki carefully? i have only seen her face.i never went to those depths. she looks cool in modern dresses.- is it?

she looks like a goddess in a sari. how can we drink alcoholif we are her disciples? when she finds out.. ..won't it break her heart. you are right. if ma'am is a goddess theninky and pinky are her friends. they will die of shock. i drank this for thefirst time on your insistence. i have decided thatthis will be my last time.

it was expensive. look at them. you fooled me. let's go. come out of your character. you should havepraised her directly. why did you includeall the girls of the world? if you want to please a girl.. ..then instead of praising her talkill about others. she will like it. do you get it?take out the other bottle. - yes.

you broke it.- you are mad. i broke the soda bottle.not alcohol. raj, you are great. mukul. - yes boss. the ball may have stoppedit's game because of last night. whatever it is shewon't get trapped. - why? janki does social work.she won't marry you. if she likes to show mercy.. god.. - just likegoddess mahalaxmi.

no. how did you know his innerfeelings? - yes, how did you? i have broughta change in you both. why won't i know? correct. - correct. ma'am, i know you don't like tobe praised. but don't stop me now. ramraj, don't run around. speak up. i will tell you in details. seeing your hairanyone would go crazy.

it's possible. - yes. the neck. neck.- what about the neck? neck. see the necklace. umbilical cord. don't be vulgar. - thehip is like a national highway. he is surely a road side romeo. that is why he looks at everythingas if it is a road. - shut up! a poet can give such reference. ramraj. - ma'am.

you have a poet inside you. the girl who will marryyou will be very lucky. i had gone to the temple.i have got some offering for you. may your wish be fulfilled. thanks. - bye. bye ma'am. raj, you are not ordinary. you played a good game. dig balram.

a sincere upright officerof our department. who was unfortunatelykilled by the mafia. mr. adesh who was from mr.balram's team.. ..will share his feelings with us. balram is an inspiration to us. he was an examplefor officers like us. my motto is to catch badshah,who killed this great officer. i will be successful in this motto. just like peanuts for food.a dance form in a dance.

a lizard amongst animals. in the sameway i am the greatest action man. you can't be spared by me. i will smash you like an ant. cut. one more. - what's wrong? show me yours. - i will show you. that's it boss. hey!- hey! hey! - hey! suraj, what does the producer say?

he is going to make you the heroinstead of director. - don't fool. tell him to finance the filmand not to interfere with my work. baby, did you like it?- it's superb. mind blowing. isn't it, ramraj? - right. if the artist does 10%of what the director does.. ..then the film willbecome a silver jubilee. isn't it, mukul? - yes boss. director is the one whobears all the responsibility.

are you praisingme or making fun of me. sir, are you returningto india tomorrow? if you don't mindwe can go today itself. no sir. ramraj is a good dancer. if ramraj gets the right job.. ..then he will make many jobless. i know your talent. - who are you? are you his assistant to talkfor him? - sir. sir. - get aside. hey, is it easy to enterthe film industry..

..just like you entera cinema hall? intelligent people come here.shantibhai shah. rakesh ghai.rajkumar hirani. karan babu johar. narad prasad. such great peopleare from this industry. not an ordinary man like you.- shut up! hey!! suraj. - yes. - what will he do? old man.who is just an ordinary man?

you are one. you are not fit for cinema.what do you think of yourself? rajkishore hiraniand you don't match. name the film ofrajkishore hirani? life until now. this is mahesh chopra's last film. mahesh chopra.mahesh chopra. - ma'am. calm down. you got emotional. hey! i let hergo as she is a girl.

or i would have dealt with her. did you see my video? one more. you say rajkishore hirani'sfilm is mahesh chopra's film. now tell me the nameof mahesh chopra's film. until there was life. you hit for the 3rd time. tell me the name of another film. goons of wassayepur.

goons of wassayepur.- yes. wasn't it his? this film is directedby anirudh kashyap. you are the wikipedia of theindustry. - much more than that. much more than that.- alright tell me.. ..who played the role ofteja in the new movie of zanjeer. ajit. who else? you hit the director. you are talking about the old film. ajit was teja in that film.

but in the new zanjeer,ram charan was the hero. who is he? the son of chiranjeevi. i heard the name of ramcharan teja for the first time. what? don't you know ram charan teja? don't you know ram charan teja?- ma'am. what do you know? - stop! ma'am. you spoilt madam's mood.

suraj. they hit me like a dog. just like your film. ma'am, you always remain cool.what happened suddenly? he behaved badly with you. that is his basic nature. he behavesin this manner with everyone. let him do it with anyone.. ..not with you.- what difference does it make? it makes a lot of difference.- why? ramraj, don't irritate me.

i told you that you are differentthen you are different. that's it. my goal is about to complete. where is badshah? no one can stop himuntil he reaches his goal. if you don't tellme about badshah.. ..i will kill you. you want to kill me, right? then kill me. kill me.

what is the reason forbadshah to remain quiet.. ..who had createdhavoc in the underworld. let's go to the royalcasino to find out about this. badshah's father dhanrajruns the royal casino. 80% of sadhu's income.. ..comes from this royal casino. sadhu who controlssouth east asia.. ..didn't have theguts to enter hong kong. the reason wasthe dangerous victor.

and his son prehan johnny. johnny made hong kong his base. he used to supplygirls and drugs to india. it was the first timehe saw dhanraj's casino. ajay. hong kong is victor's area. debit the moneyat the bank carefully. remember victor is dangerous. yes sir.

stop. halt! halt! come on. get down. get down. dhanraj's men, you have arrived. what is the codenumber of that locker? speak up or i will kill you. 20. 05. 1983. tell me the code not your birthday.

johnny, you will know thedate to take the cash across.. ..the route of the van,the code of the locker. but you will not knowwhere dhanraj's son is. and when he entered your territory. he will kill all of you. that lion is called badshah. the one who touches badshahfinds his hand broken. this is hong kong.this is my father's area. dogs have areas. not lions.

tell your fatherthat i am the king here. badshah has started the fight. and badshah will finish it too. victor had it. brother, johnny had a tough time. badshah. my son. now i have support. they haveunderstood that a lion has come. it's the first time someone.. ..has defeated thevictor gang in hong kong.

gaurav, why are you not happy? it's sister-in-lawbirthday tomorrow. like every year i havearranged a prayer service.. ..for her at a temple. but that belongs to victor's area. it won't be right togo there in this situation. uncle, once a date is fixed.. is not badshah's habitto change it. - but badshah. the one who gets frighten is a rat.

the one who createsfear is the king. brother, the one who hit johnny.. ..has come to our territory. drive fast. when your mother was alive.. ..i wanted to celebrateher birthday grandly. but i couldn't. now i have the moneybut she is not here. come on, drive fast.

he went away.- why did you leave him? i was scared on seeing him.- hey. yes vikram. i don't know why sadhu hascalled for a meeting suddenly? badshah,you will have to come along. where is the meeting? sadhu informs us aboutthe place at the last moment. we have to wait for his call. sadhu, this is my son badshah.

which place is he the king of? while wrestling my dad.. ..had won the title of badshah.he was born then. since then instead ofcalling out his real name.. ..he started calling him badshah. dhanraj, for the past 20 years.. are workingsincerely with me. that is why i trust you. you are lying.

if you trusted us thenwhy did you search us. this is my law.- that's called fear. fright the lesson you taught johnny invictor's area was called strength. but what you aredoing here is pride. that is why i giveyou another opportunity. there is something behindthis opportunity of yours. it's not an's your necessity. tell me what is it?- a man called anthony.. ..had come here fromkenya to deliver the container.

victor kidnapped him. i want him back. as that materialis very precious for me. how much? - more than macau. then my price is macau. macau will be under me. hey, you are dealing with sadhu. boys, drop your guns.go back. badshah, even you.

badshah, leave him. badshah. deal okay. you will bring anthony andin exchange macau will be yours. but it's very dangerous. badshah is moredangerous than danger. michael,these children are flood victims. they are affected by the flood. no one is searching for them. good children.

they don't even know thatwe are going to sell their organs. take them for the operation.- alright. take them to indian embassy. go. johnny. where is anthony?- anthony? badshah, i don't know. i know that you don't know. as my people havekidnapped anthony. badshah, we wanted him alive. i promised to giveanthony by 4 o'clock.

it is 4 o'clock. badshah fulfils the datesand time he has promised. badshah,without informing your father.. ..the game we are playing withsadhu has reached its final stage. now it is more risky. uncle. until wedon't get success.. ..we will think only aboutthe destination not the risk. wow! badshah, as per yourpromise you handed anthony to me. and i gave you macau in return.

badshah doesn't take donations.he wins it. mr. pradhan. - yes sir. we have got the informationthat sadhu from hong kong.. sending a containerfull of rdx to india. i have given the informationto the high authorities. they will corporate with us. your team will go tohong kong to stop them. why should we go there?we can catch them at our port. they will use any seaside instead of our port.

india has 6000 meters of sea side. they can unload anywhere. the rdx reached indiain this manner until now. got it, sir. i will go with my team right away.- and one more thing. this operation must be confidentialuntil it gets completed. don't give the full detailsto your team. - yes sir. sadhu, for many years.. tried to get hong kong.

i have come to give you hong kong. i am not interested inanything when my son is no more. i just have one motto in life. the death of badshah. i want your help for that.- he is my man. if that is so thenwhy did he take macau. sadhu. to get macau.. ..badshah pretendedto kidnap anthony. cheers! - cheers!

brother. - yes. - do you rememberit's david's son wedding today? badshah? - dad. you will go for thewedding with gaurav.- okay. david is my old friend. - sure. everyone is getting married.when will you marry? he is still young. is it? he isn'ta small kid any more. if sister-in-law wouldhave been alive.. ..then he would marrya long time ago.

uncle, i will get married too. let this wedding get over first. brother, badshah hasleft for st. paul's to.. ..attend david's son's wedding. badshah, the mayor of macauis going to come to our casino. go and receive him. i and gaurav are goingfor the wedding. - okay. gaurav, my brother. he spend all his life for me.

he was with me until his end.he died for me. victor shouldn't be spared.- victor is not alone. sadhu is also involvedin this attack. why will sadhu want to kill me? i was his target not you. bring him here. call sadhu. i said call him. hello!- brother, badshah is alive.

i know that. this isn't good news. call me up after you kill badshah. badshah must be killed. okay. i gave 20 years of my lifeto bring sadhu to this position. i lost my wife too. so that he kills my son. was i working for such a fellow?

we will have todo things on our own. instead of takingorders from sadhu.. ..we will have to takecourage to run the business. badshah, whether it was victor.. ..or sadhu.. ..who killed your uncle,he mustn't be spared. only one person shouldbe the king of the mafia here. and that is you. badshah is very dangerous.

he killed my son. he took away macau from sadhu. now he won't stop. singapore. malaysia.hong kong. philippines. his ambition is to be calledbadshah of the asian region. he is the conqueror. brother,so many people are not required. to kill him and his father.. ..i am enough.

you don't need to thinkwhen you want to kill your enemy. you must act.- you are right. today this action will takeplace and you will be killed. my grandfather didn't keep my namebadshah so that i become history. i will create history. - is it? here. go. go. go. hey! i told you thati will create history.

if you would hear meout you would be saved. the people who bow downto badshah will be spared. the people who don'tagree will be dead. hello!- badshah. victor is finished.everything is clear. now i will hunt for you. badshah,it is not easy to touch me. whether it is koreans,malaysians.. ..indonesians.after killing all my enemies..

..i have built this empire. badshah is comingto win over that empire. your time is over. my orders will befollowed from today. just watch how i will eraseyour name from the mafia list. you are not capable of doing that. you will know my capabilitiesonce i deal with you. by killing someonelike victor you think.. will fightwith a lion like me.

badshah started thefight and he will finish it. who is the lionand who is the rat.. ..i am coming thereto tell you this. till then take a break. i know. you are feeling restless. but you don't knowabout violent victor. he was a great human being. brother, during childhood.. ..i did mistakeswithout your knowledge.

i wanted to tellyou about this one day. but you died without knowing them. now should i tell you. how can i? don't worry my son. you can confess to me. you can tell me everything. it will reach toyour brother in heaven. father, when i wasin the 10th standard. i had kissed his girlfriend,katherine.

come on, my son. it's normal to havesuch feelings at that age. you seem to be emotional.- thank you father. but katherine slapped me. i got so angry that i killed her. as i am very sensitive. not only this,my brother's brother johnny.. ..i made him drinkand have fun with girls. i made him a merciless man.

but my sister-in-lawcame to know this. i had no other option. i made my sister-in-lawunconscious and burnt her alive. and i showed it as fire accident. i went to confess in the church. and a priest like you heard it. i got angry and heldthe priest's ears. pulled him outand smashed his neck. as i had decided anyonewho will know this secret..

..will be killed. father, don't worry. i did this as iwas scared of victor. but now you are safe. as my brother.. the person whom i was scared of.. ..or loved was onlyone person and he was victor. only victor. the person who made me an orphan.. badshah. i am all alone in this world.why should i live? i will live to killthat badshah. right? am i right? sadhu. robert, victor andyou wanted to kill badshah. our common target is badshah. thank you sir. you are like my own brother.

vikram. - yes brother. that container mustreach india very soon. go this way. adesh, come here. i said come this side. you did a wrong thingby hiding this operation. i have no option. adesh, it means you work for sadhu. fantastic adesh.

you did a big favoron me by saving the container. and now you will have tomake your department believe.. ..that badshah killedthe police officer.. ..and took the container with him. okay brother. sadhu. badshah is not only caught. our target is on the mark. there are chances of itgetting finished. - how? suspense.

hello! - dear, what is this? why didn't you callme up since 2 days? i was busy, mother. what kept you busy? i think of you a lot. tell me, when you are returning? some more work has to be done. i will come back soon. love you, mother. - love you, dear.

take care. bye. hello! - badshah!your dad is with me. come over. hey badshah. how i kidnapped yourdad from your house.. are surprised. i have friends. friends. why?- what do you mean?

i will kill yourdad in front of you. hey, bring badshah's dad here. a lion doesn't turn intoa cat if he is shut inside a cage. when this lion will break the cagethen the hunter will become hunted. let me tell you that our dig, mr.balram.. ..and along with some officersof hong kong from our team.. ..were killed by thelocal india mafia, badshah. the police and indian governmentare serious about this. i promise that badshahwill be in prison very soon.

badshah,not only hong kong police.. take care of my dad. i will find the solution for this. an acp of our departmentis involved with sadhu's group. i can't believe this. he has lied that ikilled the police officers. it is a proof against me. sir, the list of criminalsthat you gave me were killed. before reaching ourfinal target sadhu..

..adesh cheated us andi am a criminal as per the police. i can trust you. but how do we tell the department? one more thing.adesh is marrying my niece. they are engaged already. my brother-in-law is thepolice commissioner of mumbai. but we don't get along well. i won't be able to makehim believe about adesh. but i won't spare him.

he has cheated thepolice department. now he is ready tospoil my niece's life. i will kill him.- no sir. acp adesh is the only source throughwhich we can reach to sadhu. he used adesh against me.we will use him against sadhu. and save your niece from adesh. how? i have a plan. you have nothing to dowith the police department.

even then you are taking this risk. i believe that you willsurely succeed. - thank you, sir. where is your niece? - milan. badshah came to italywith this purpose. he fell with jankiagainst his wish. dad, sister's weddingcard is very nice. not only the card.. ..her dad has plannedthe wedding grandly. - dad. mom had called up.

she wants some shoes from here. your mother is very strange. she wants earrings from italy. to make her friends jealous.this is the only thing left. janki, only 2 days are left. finish all your problems. after that we will return to india. sister, we are excitedabout your wedding. but you are sad.

dear, when a girl gets married.. ..she goes through this phase. as she leaves all thepeople she loves behind. raj. raj. raj. why are you shouting? - why not? her wedding is fixed. when i can feel bad about this.. ..then what can be your condition.

that is why.. raj.. raj.. did he go tocommit suicide? ma'am. ramraj! ramraj! ramraj! i am sorry. ram is incomplete without janki. love you. - love you too. what rubbish? it's not the temple priest but mybrother who will get you married.

he is a police commissioner.he will get you killed. will he kill mebecause i am in love? then what will he dowhen he comes to know.. ..that you are nota police officer? he will burn you alive. why didn't you love a good boy? did you get only this goon? i am innocent.but he will make your knees weak. the police is all around him.

what do you know? whether it's the milkmanor the vegetable vendor,.. ..when the bell ringsit means the police has arrived. uncle, janki loves me. it won't be difficultto please him. trust me. yes uncle. once ram getsthe ball the goal is confirmed. even our flighttickets are confirmed. that's great.everything is confirmed. then why are you waiting here?let's go to india.

the container which hasrdx weighing 2000 kilogram.. ..has reached to india. on the 20th of this month,.. ..there is a conferenceof many nations in mumbai. on that day mumbaiwill hear bomb blast. delhi. mumbai.calcutta. ahmedabad and bangalore. all the big citiesshould have bomb blast. we will convert indiainto afghanistan. no one will be protected.

the money that comesfrom abroad will be stopped. anyways the priceof money is going down. no one will give them alms. brother, how will this help us? 1000 millions. - 1000 millions. the terrorist whowork for us in india.. ..inform them andyou too go to india. acp adesh will help you. our first target is mumbai.

take your positions. get up. the bell has rung. get up soon.the bell for the gym is rung. get up. it's time to go to the gym. this is not italy. brother will scoldif we go late. get up. is this a house or some prison? he has opened a privatebranch for the police academy. i had gone to italyto avoid this situation.

get ready may be arriving at the gym. there is a gap evenin a television show. there is no gap at brother's place. supriya, you are still will be angry. the priest said if i marry you,i will go to places. but i didn't know ihad to run in such places. get up. oh god! if we getlate we will be scolded. you had it.

pandit gopi krishna sharma.- yes sir. pandit ram krishna sharma.- present. pandit radha krishna sharma.- present. mrs. nirmala sharma. - present. mrs. gayatri sharma. - present. mrs. supriya sharma. - present. sir. okay sir. attention please! commissioner of police.dr. pandit jai veer sharma. ips.

b. a, m. a, mphd is coming. good morning sir. good morning brother.the flight was late last night. that is why i didn't disturb you. but i don't compromiseon my exercise. why do you have this paunch?- at the shooting. what kind of shooting? daddy, he shoots to catchthe criminals, right? that one. isn't it, uncle? - right dear.

the mafia of italy.. hiding because of thepundits. - very good gopi sharma. you proved that panditare serious everywhere. i am very proud of you. how does the italianpolice function? there are functions. - what? my function is shutting down. i want to tell everyoneabout my department. but prem isn't here. - no.

prem pratap singh. good morning brother. this time is for the gym.what were you doing? the a. c is running in the house. i had gone to thepark for fresh air. how many rounds did you take? i didn't go for jogging.i had done my breakfast. do you know whom i met over there? i met amit there.

i also met abhishekh. and his daughter too. prem, that's great. you met3 generations. don't speak further. don't lie. amitabh bachchan has goneto america for a program. abhishekh has goneto europe for a shooting. and aradhaya has goneto canes with her mother. it means everyoneleft miss jaya alone. what if a robbercomes to their house?

don't worry about their family?talk about yourself. what is your weight?- 62. dad, it should be.tell me the real weight. 102.- how much cholesterol do you have? that is out of control. prem pratap singh.just nod your head and tell me. what about your pant's zip? i can't see it.- since how many days? not much.since 10 years. - shut up!

my future son-in-lawcomplains about you. you are unwanted in his team.hung your head in shame? everyone talks about you. what kind of man are you?don't you have any feelings? i am feeling hungry. - what? can i have my other breakfast? don't you have anyother work other than eat? a police officer stands straight. like a gun fully loaded.

you are like a bag or a truck. i am normal. - shut up! you do mistake and get angry too.useless fellow. shameless fellow. hopeless fellow. helpless fellow. a garbage bin. mother.- brother. you have no brother. how did you fall inlove with such a man? your husband can'tdo a watchman's job.

i employed himin the police department. the department keeps calling names. he is not worth forthe job of a police. he can't run for long. he got the job becauseof my influence. look at his face.he has hung it in shame. he is a liar. stupid. idiot. fatso.lazy. stupid fellow. he won't improve himself.take him away.

people die with a bullet shot.i will die of his bad words. prem pratap singh,wash off your lies with your sweat. bunty will stay with you.go and take 40 rounds. giri. - sir.- come with me. - yes sir. 40 rounds of the ground? should i go around mumbai? i was stupid to marry you. if you wouldn't be our son-in-lawthen you would be begging. instead of starring..

..why don't you dowhat the family says? does your family havethe rule of the king? what is your surname? sharma. it means you belongto a shy family. you are all cowards. why is he asking memy height and weight? will he carry me? i will deal with him. - listen. don't bad mouth my brother.

oh, you got angry when ibad mouthed him. what about him? i did stop him. - stop him. after he finishedall the bad words. he was laughing when hisfather was getting scolding. he did his work. i know you wanteveryone to insult me. am i your husband or not? who is it? brother. - instead of takingrounds you all are gossiping.

brother, i was telling everyone.. a police man should be.- you can't do this. first become a good officer. what nonsense is this? when this wedding card will go.. the departmentwith all these mistakes.. ..what will they think? i don't know how manymore mistakes will you do? why is it so silent?

about the wedding card.- is it not good? the card is good. uncle was asking who printed it.- didn't you tell him? he won't tell, i got them printed. so this is done by you.- yes brother. words. color. concept.i did everything. where is the initialof a doctor before the name. the designation is also missing. i got it removed.

dr. jai krishna sharma.ips. b.a. f.f.f.f. in the place of sex specialist.. ..i put a simplejai krishna sharma. it seems homily.that is why i removed the dirt. shut up!who are you to remove it? my late father amar sharma.. ..without thinkingof his food and drink.. ..sold milk on a bicycleeducated me. you won't understand.

you live with thesupport from others. you do not work. you are are not worthy. mother. - brother. don't call out to brother. with a heavy heart.. ..i got this idiot here. only because of you.. ..he doesn't knowhow to spell degree.

he is working inthe police department. i called him my brother.god knows how long he will be here. aren't you ashamed?you are not good for a peon's job. did you see that? just because his degreewas not mentioned on the card.. ..he created a war situation. will he be able toappease a man like him? do you believe it? he will surely change him.

i trust ramraj completely. i am gautam, the marketinghead of pinnacle gold company. our company was celebratingits annual day celebration.. the place since 3 years.. ..we will not usethat resort any more. for a change.. ..fix pragati resortfor my employees. for a change i have fixed it. how can you change my face?

this is about myemployees' feelings. it should be pragati resort only. that is what it is. we have booked it too. then cancel it. why? are you scared thatyou will lose your commission? you are strange. we have booked that resort itself. why are you shouting?- that's great.

if you would tell it earlieri wouldn't have shouted. boss, it seems hehas hearing problem. stop arguing and tellme what's the amount. we did it for 4 million last year. this year they havefixed 5 millions. - what? 10 millions. it's too much. i will give so much. let's take the advantageof his defect. - yes. what are you talking? tell me too.

yes. okay. it's fine. - what is fine? hello ma'am.- listen, my payment is 5 millions. just 5 millions? - what? because you gave a discountwith so much honesty.. ..seeing it i will cry. i will send an advancein the evening. thank you. - bye. you won't change.

people try to get as muchas they can from their customer. you don't mind losses.- we mustn't break anyone's trust. hey, what a surprise? i wanted to surprise you. is everything fine? - yes. my friend. he will stay with us.- go and freshen up. i will serve your meal. - fine. a new business?

what is it about? wedding planning. i have no idea about it. - mom. how do you handle eventmanagement? - it is easy. you decorate as per the occasion. dinner as per taste.and some music for entertainment. if you do this at one placethen that is called a wedding. weddings bring in lot of income. is it? - who willgive the wedding contract?

contract will be givenby the commissioner. commissioner, for every function.. buy jewelry from my shop. that is why i say.. ..that this wedding plannerfor this wedding is right. okay sir.if you are recommending.. ..then let me check that person.where is he? here he comes. - hello sir. sit down.

whom do i have to meet?- he called you to meet me. i am called surendra. i am the commissioner's p.a. the commissioner is planninga grand wedding for his daughter. i am handling this job. money is not an issue. the commissioneris a bit crazy type. and his family is full of idiots. you will rob themand i will help you.

the hall cost 10 millions. you will quote 20 millions. we will divide the profit equally. the food cost 2000 each per plate. if you say it's 4000 then againwe will share the profit equally. flower decoration cost 5 millions. you will quote 10,we share this equally too. some bar dancer will danceat the musical program. it's 10 millions. we will quote 25.

we share it equally again. what do you say? i will slap you right and left. stand up. you want a commissionfrom the commissioner too. you are a criminal. stupid, do you knowwhat a wedding is? the joy of a weddingis not on a seal. it's printed in your heart.

the wedding hall meansit's the temple of god. got it? do you know why the foodtaste good at any wedding? so that people eat it fromtheir heart and bless the couple. you want a commission in that too. i am scolding youand you are laughing. why? will you ask a bar dancerto dance for musical program? is it a wedding or some dance bar? sir, call up the commissioner.i will report this man to him. that is not required.

he is the commissioner. you are the commissioner.sir, i am sorry. sorry sir. it's my mistake.- you are not at fault. you are a good person. i am happy. hiralal,your recommendation is good. i appreciate you. give him the marriage contract.- thank you sir. listen. don't fearas i am a commissioner. if you give a good servicethen you will become famous.

i will sir. the jeweler will tell youthe other details. - okay sir. all the best! thank you sir. - bye. come again. ram, look.i trust you and your mother. that is why i took this risk. nothing wrong should happenat this wedding. - we won't let.. ..this wedding take place.

i mean we will nothave an ordinary wedding. it will be grand. please come. please come. congratulations. your house looks good. a bomb. who is doing this? this boy has planned this. his name is ramraj,the wedding planner. - hello uncle. the wedding is a week later.

you are rejoicing from now itself. the commissioner is gettinghis daughter married. it should be grand. this was nothing.there is more to come. is he the groom? you are great! uncle, he has 6 packs inside. what else is he hiding? why are you getting angry?i was fooling.

in wedding fooling is allowed.isn't it, uncle? correct. let's go in and talk. the situation ofthis sudden meeting.. my teacher, mr.sampoorn anand.. ..has detected a majordefect in the groom's horoscope. medicines are therefor the body defect. what should i dowith horoscope defect? water is the answer. general water or mineral water.

stupid not general or mineral. god.. ..has sent many holy reservoirs. the water from thereis in this glass. the bride will stand innorth and the groom in south. what will we do? we will add basil leafin this water and purify it. where do i get the basil leaf? uncle, what is the problem?

buy it from the market. you willget it with the neighbors too. isn't it? - exactly. call the bride quickly. janki. give the glass in her hand. remember that this glassshouldn't spill or fall? what if it falls? then he will die. priest, you are a fool. - why?

don't advise. is he a child to spill it? when the teacher hastold the auspicious time.. ..then what about this? it is true. uncle almost died. if he sees with angerthen he will be dead. he believes the priest. yes brother. - yes. by mistake i touched it.

i have not come here as a customer. this function is my own. leave your responsibilitiesto my son.. ..and enjoy the wedding.- thank you very much. the staff who are working here.. ..are staying close by. this is janki. it's her wedding. she is ram's mother. hello aunt. - hello.

be happy. ram, when will you get apretty girl like her as your wife? mother, if you like herthen let's take her home. i was joking.fooling is allowed at a wedding. seeing your plan ifeel our work will be done. but you don't have the ballin your hand to start the game. as soon as i reach the groundthe ball will be in my hand. no one will separate us now. what is happening?

you are with the bride. uncle. don't panic. we have not comehere to get her married. but to stop her marriage.- what are you saying? try to understand. by breaking off thismarriage i will marry janki. where are you taking her? taking away means.. to take the brideat the wedding hall?

stop acting. don't over act. ramraj, you came toour house in india too. you are fooling theperson who is brainless. you took the contractof the wedding. does he know about your plan? yes. he is on our side. what party? - musical party. we are discussingthe musical party.

you can participate in it.- why are you discussing it? everyone knows about this plan. does she know it too? yes. she is also on our side.- very good. what are you doing here? please come. you know everything. we were discussing that plan. tell her. how will we takeher daughter away?

where are you goingto take my daughter? we were discussing about.. how to take the brideto the wedding hall. - alright. doesn't she know. what should i know? he wants to know howwe will go for the wedding. uncle, we are paid for it.why are you asking her? you may have many otherjobs to do. - right. janki. - yes.

the saris have arrived. let's go and see it. - pleasego ahead. - sister, i am coming. excuse me. - oh my god! uncle, my secret wouldbe out because of you. don't talk in riddles.tell me who is on our side. is there a list?- mr. raj, what is our next step? we need someone togo about our next step. you want someone. yes sir. as per theplan i am in the house.

to stop the weddingand to trap adesh. i got it. i need someone. who will this person be? are you a human or an animal? i told you to catch karim. you caught his son instead. he is missing. to get him out.. ..i caught his son.- based on what charge?

will we file a murdercase on a child? a student? - stupid. don't call out to me. he eats his meal well. but he doesn't use his brains. go and die. preeti, he don't serve him food. he is brainless. he is useless. hopeless. a waste.

you must keep shouting at him. uncle, he may commit suicide. stupid. i am a human thatis why i am quiet. you are a demon thatis why you shout at me daily. you scold at me daily. if there is a god theni will also do the same one day. i will harass you like a bed bug. this is my desire. goal.

my dream project. uncle. - yes. let's take over thedream project of this man. yes. - follow me. go back. why did you bring this? i told you not to get ituntil the wedding takes place. i thought.. - what did you think? if someone sees it thenit will create a problem.

what is happening here? are you doing some black magic? what is this light? and thischair. - i beg of you, don't shout. it is not a chair. it's a dream machine. - i heard aboutwashing machine, flying machine. what is a dream machine? to fulfill our dreams.. ..some scientist created thisdream machine. this is the same one. uncle, every personhas a villain in his life.

who troubles us a lot. we just endure him. because of this suppressionwe go into depression. that creates a tension. there is irritationin our thoughts. a vibration in our stomach. heart gets blocked.veins are stuck. the man dies. what happens after that? -pick up the body and throw it away. isn't it? - rightly so.

so when people started dying.. ..america started this searchand this machine was created. they made an english filmfor its international promotion. what is the name in hindi version.- indrajal. yes correct. the chinese copied thatidea and created this machine. china gifted me this aftermy event management course. with the help of this machine,.. ..the peoplewho torture us in real life..

..we feel happy seeingthem being tortured in our dreams. the body remains fitand life seems great. did you understand? - i got it. if you don't mind. i want to dream by sittingon this chair. - what will you do? every man has a sad story. my brother-in-law scoldsme so much that i feel dejected. oh god! you are in a bad state. so please let me join your club.please!

alright.but there are a few conditions. what are they? when you dream youmake real life characters. don't tell themthat you are dreaming. what if i tell him?- you will die in your dreams. so.. about your dreamsto the members of the club. one more important thing. ten minutes in your dreamis like 10 days of real life.

what if i want to come back.. ..close your eyes and sing. take love.give love. - you will come back. i agree. i want to go in the worldof dreams. - okay uncle. bad mouth everyone in your dreams. all the best! safe journey. close your eyes. concentrate. concentrate.

relax! relax! listen. the bellfor the gym has rung. oh god!he'll have alcohol at night.. ..and get scoldingfrom brother the whole day. god knows when he will improve. is she going to the gym? is this bell for that? everything is like before. but ramraj saidthat this is a dream.

oh god! oh! mr. prem pratap singh. welcome. welcome. prem. you are.. - choudhary. justice choudhary. ram, it's are acting like jeetendra. you haven't seen much.

i can act better than him. further. much further. you will understand ifyou look further than that. that is fine. but what is this? a colorful dream. you are dreaming right now. this is your multi-color dream. we have come to meet you.- prem pratap singh.

what is this? if this is a dream.. ..why is mybrother-in-law shouting? you are mad. why have you come in this dream? so that you can avengethe real life people. - right. the villain. - i know. his brother-in-law, jaikishansharma. - he is challenging you. what will you do? - i got it. i will avenge him.

this is my desire. my goal. dream. it's my dream project. why are you waiting? be successful. - prem pratap singh. don't shout. hell with him and his discipline. prem pratap, you shouldcome running but you are walking. look at the time. - don't shout.i am not your servant. prem pratap singh.- jaikishan sharma.

hey. - hey. look at your language and yourbody language. - it has changed. it has changed because of you. i was a good person. you made me cry for foodand drink in this house. you don't let me sleep. i am very angry.if anyone stops me then.. listen. whether you bully me or fight..

..bring goons or ammunition. come alone or with your family.. ..if you touch me.. ..i will not spare you.- uncle, what is happening? don't talk in thatmanner with brother. hey! did you hit my sister? i will beat you too. - will you? come here.- why are you catching my neck? leave me. - leave me.

keep shouting. how will you? - come here. look at my position and then yours. calm down. uncle, does anyonefight in their dreams. i wanted to dream about this. you went directly for the climax. enjoy the show. go and drink.

i don't drink during the day. there is no day ornight in a dream. - oh yes. listen brother-in-law. hey! - stop him. stop him. leave me. i will kill you. how dare he? he behaved like a rogue.- i am scared. there is no need to fear.- he behaved so badly. you say don't get scared.

i have faced such a patient before. this is a physiological disorder.- what? if he is dominated.. ..then he will go into depressionbecause of the suppression. then a revolution will takeplace because of the commotion. leave him to himself for a week. he will get well. - if we don't. then you will have it. he will kill you.

oh god! how did he get this sickness? domination. if you keep scolding anyonethis will happen. - yes brother. even i am suppressedbecause of your domination. he is right. even i am always depressed. yes brother. even i feel it.

i feel like revolting. yes dad. you play withus like a ball. - stop it! stop talking. i know you are scaredof my discipline. alright.until janki gets married.. can livethe way you want to. later we will call ameeting and make new rules. if this would go on forfew more days, they would go mad. listen. - yes.

take care of prempratap until the wedding. don't worry about that.i will take care of it. thank you, ram. wow! what a dialogue! trust me. your brother-in-lawmay be scared of you. isn't it? - yes. ram, tell me. will he forget everythingonce i wake up? or he will shoot me.

what are you saying? are you mad? how will he remember your dream? he is new that is whyhe is confused. - right. ram, my personal lifehas changed because of you. what about your professional life? what to tell you about it? i am worried. brother-in-law scolds me here. adesh scolds me in the office.

that reminds me.. ..your brother-in-law has calledadesh's family for breakfast. how can my brother-in-lawtake this decision? this is my dream. - but he isn'tthe one to take this decision. who is it?- the sleepy prem pratap singh. it is his thought which isbringing all the characters here. i got it. just as the way i scoldedmy brother-in-law. in the same way iwill deal with adesh too.

this situation iscreated for this reason. uncle is right. so in your personaland professional life.., physiological. you will be first inyour mythological life too. you will be theking of your dreams. this is what prempratap desired. - yes. i am badshah. he starts the war and ends it too.

brother,this isn't an ordinary breakfast. it is better than a 5 star hotel. if he eats it he willbecome like me. - dad. you fill nectarin the liquor bottle. don't say that mybrother-in-law is drunk. prem pratap. - yes prem pratap. what is it? what's your problem? brother,he is drunk early in the morning. no. until this wedding is over..

..i gave him the permissionso that he enjoys. who are you to giveme the permission? stupid. idiot. rogue. this is not your's my choice. my strength. my happiness. he is like this sinceit is his first time. it's not the first time.i am drinking it since 20 years. i get fully drunk. what are you starring at?do you want it?

without snacks. there is no needto fear this idiot. ramraj. - what will ram do? yes sir.- i think you can manage him. take care of him. - sure sir. sir. how are you? - come with me. they are hurt.- are you supporting them or me? for me. - will you give me?

come on. i am going with my friend. sorry brother. adesh, sadhu's peoplehave entered the city. they will surely do something.i have got this information. if that is the case thenbadshah will be caught very soon. badshah is sittingright in front of you. yes. badshah is standingright in front of you. he is badshah. - yes, i am badshah.

i start and end the war. the others are idiots. sorry adesh. forget about him. focus on.. ..where sadhu's people are?- sure. i and my team willdo this from now on. does he have a cricket team? adesh. sadhu's people will bein this city within half an hour.

the police knows about this. alert them. i have found out. sadhu's man, robert.. ..and rocky rasoolare close to the city. good. dad, why are you sad? looking at this place. i am reminded of your mother.

we used to live in a small room. money was important for me. relationship was dearer to her. i didn't understand then. i did a mistake. i lost her. i didn't tell you about mother. i am sorry, dad. once i finish my goal..

..i will take you to mother. call a press meeting. why? what do you mean? won't you show yourtalent to others? the sleepy prempratap is satisfied. isn't it? - yes uncle. then what are we waiting for? everything is ready. i will create breaking news.the police will be on their feet.

i will bring down the mafia. i will catch sadhu'smen in one day. if they are listeningthen get ready to be caught. or i will kill them. with me trembles the world. and the world trembles me too. i am pratap singh. adesh. - sir. i am tolerating himbecause of my sister.

he has crossed his limits. i will suspend himright away. - sir. call a press conference. the police are already informed. we won't wait any longer. we will have to sendthe material tonight. if we lose time.. ..then sadhu won't spare us. look, it is mumbai.

this blast should take place.. the same time in delhi.hyderabad and calcutta. in all the televisionchannels of the world.. ..this shouldbe the breaking news. i will tell you. hearing my name.. ..goons get scared. listen to more. the one who fights me is destroyed.

he dies. wherever i am,the criminals run away from me. my dad broke a liquor shop. he was awarded. and my mother whileselling vegetables.. ..had caught the robbersand took their money. the child that wasborn to such parents.. me. prem pratap singh. you drink from your dad's look like a robber.

what will you do? i was scared. are you allergic? no uncle. i have donethis to make you famous. go and sit in the car. i will deal with themand give you the credit. thanks. all the best! hey. many innocent people willbe killed in this bomb blast. you will have tostop it at all cost.

hit him. badshah. yes. yes ram. sir. i have recovered the rdx. their plan failed. now sadhu will haveto come to mumbai. - right. we are very close to the target.good luck! good morning. inspector prem pratap singhis in depression because of liquor.

his statement was thathe will catch sadhu's men. is pointless. i apologize on behalfof the department. so from this day.. ..he is suspended. "your hopes arehigh like a mountain." "i am also ahead of others." "the bravest. the bravest." good morning everybody.

this body belongs to rocky rasool,sadhu's man. stupid people wait for orders. lions work as per situation. i am that lion who doesn'troar much but kills. you are like that dogwho barks but doesn't bite. prem pratap says this. cancer can be healed.aids can be healed. but you will not change. "the world trembles with me..

..and i make the world tremble. as i am the one whomakes others tremble. wow! that was great. this performance has shutyour brother-in-laws mouth. and adesh is alert. ram, do one thing. i want a girl. - what? what are you talking?- there is nothing wrong in this. there is an item song afterthe hero fights in movies, right?

give me an item girl. item girl. - but just anyone. bring anushka or kanushka. or bring both. sir, this is not so easy.- where do we get them from? why isn't it easy? anything can happen in a dream. this is a dream right. there is a problem.we can't decide it.

then who will decide it?-the sleepy prem pratap. the girl that he decideswill entertain him. tell him. - right. i don't know about his choice. brother, we were workingon the blasting operation.. ..since many days.the person who spoilt it.. this one. a police informer. i will give you aninformation before you die. we do our work correctly.

no one could change sadhu's mind. there is one person. on hearing badshah's name.. ..your eyes show fear. you will be killedby badshah definitely. before you die.. ..i am givingyou this information. badshah is with that person.. ..or officer for whom i work for.

hey, which officer? speak up! speak up. who is the officer? who is the officer? badshah works for the police. brother, i remember hehad beaten me up earlier too. i had understood then. that masked man is badshah. correct. as prem pratapsingh is not an able officer.

he cannot catch a pick pocketer. we don't have to doanything with that fellow. i want badshah andthe police officer. i want them both. as the wedding day is closing in.. ..i am tensed. we will play footballinstead of cricket. just watch the game. ramraj.

you came here toplan others wedding. you are planningfor your own wedding. you look like a gentlemanbut your desires are different. you are unfaithful to thepeople who you are working for. why are you flirting withthe girl? - don't ask me. whom should i ask? ask prem pratap who is sleeping? i told you thesescenes are his dreams. even then you keep questioning me.- i remember.

sorry ram,i am confused for the first time. why does he think so cheaply? how do i know? correct. but will janki remember this? are you mad? she won'tremember your dream. - sorry ram. i am confused when thatpratap starts thinking. ram. they have killedour informer keshav. i believe sadhu is in the city.

take care. before your mission is completed.. one shouldknow about badshah. my mother doesn't knowthat i am badshah. - okay. okay sir. so you are that badshah. tell me? you are the one thepolice is trying to catch. no mother. i..- i don't want to hear a thing.

what i feared has happened. just like your father, you.. ..are a criminal too. oh no! don't show me yourface until i am alive. mother, siddhu isthe reason behind this. how long will we wait?- he will be coming. hi mother. - how are you? hi brother. siddhu, don't you knowthat i am going to u.s. today.

i thought we will have breakfasttogether. but you are late. there will be some reasonfor him to come late. you always support him. printing this took some time. when you will drink coffeeyou will think of me and mother. in the same way we willthink of you when we have coffee. that's your brother. he is mad. give me your hand. you will remember me every's that, mother?

stay like this always. i will. i doubt him. you doubt me. of course. instead of givingthe interview for civil services.. ..why are you going to u.s? i will earn more than.. ..what an isip gets here. - okay. everyone thinks in the same manner.

that is why america is progressingwhile our country is lacking behind. okay. where is bangalore?in india, right? he was getting a good job there.even then you didn't go, right? why didn't you go there? mother, brother is withyou since his childhood. i joined later. i want to stay with you. you brought up this orphan so well. how can i forget this?

don't speak such things.i will slap you. mother, he doesn'tthink i am his brother. sorry brother.i won't say it again. why did you say it?- i said sorry. he gets angry very easily. keep it. mother, i forgot my bag there. i will get it right away.- carefully. okay mother.

siddhu! siddhu! i am okay. come soon, we are getting late. siddhu!! siddhu! fire the fire brigade. siddhu, my son. my son. no. i am scared of it.- come with me.

no. no. - come on. the investigation say thatsadhu is involved in the blast. the team is working on it. we are taking precaution.. that such incidentsdon't take place in the future. the government has declaredto give compensation.. the familyof the dead people. brother, did you read this news? a bomb blast at a bakery in pune.

many innocent people were killed. this is common in india. would you say the same thingif i would die in this blast? actually, the biggest problemof india is not poverty. terrorist and mafiaare the real problem makers. these people should be shot at. sir. i have not joined the policeforce for power and property. but for the country. i want to finishthe gang of sadhu's men.

he has killed innocentpeople in our country. i scored 90% in my exams. i cleared my finals with 95%. i was selected with firstgrade in my training period. even then you are rejecting me. may i know the reason sir?- your father. your father, dhanraj isthe reason of this rejection. my father died 20 years can he be the reason? your father is alive.

your father runsa casino in macau.. ..under sadhu whomyou want to kill. according to our rule.. ..we don't recruit anyonefrom a criminal history family. that's why you are rejected. i am trying hard tocatch sadhu since 20 years. your father dhanrajwas a financial expert. frustrated that he didn'tget job according to his talent.. ..he joined sadhuas a financial advisor.

your father tried to take you andyour mother while leaving india. but your motherdidn't agree to him. sadhu made your father believe.. ..that you died in an accident. in the same way he madeyou believe of dhanraj's death. ram, i have seen a sincereperson in your eyes. through your father.. will be easyfor you to enter that gang. sadhu is planning amajor bomb blast in india.

if you do what i say.. ..then i will prove yourdad innocent. what do you say? sure target is sadhu from today. in this manner startedoperation badshah. he joined the terroristgang with the help of his uncle. he finished manygangsters of the country. by crushing sadhu'smajor bomb blast plan.. ..he saved our lives. not only this he broughta change in his father..

..and showed him the right path. sorry dear. i was wrong about you. its' okay. dad always speaks about you. where is he? when children commit mistakes.. ..their parents rectify them. being a son you showedme the right path. i am proud to bea mother of such a son.

i am ashamed ofwhatever i did in italy. i bored you with my philosophy. you acted like lord krishna. i couldn't understand you. forget that. finally,you agree that i am your lover. now you can considerme your husband. it's not easy. adesh is a cheatand dad doesn't know about it. how will the weddingget cancelled? who will tell him?

i have arranged forthe musical tomorrow. ramraj, the musicalat our residence.. ..should be the talk of the town.- is the line perfect? the plan is perfect. butif you don't want any problem.. ..then keep prempratap away from here. request him. children, you can go. prem pratap. - yes. you are very popularamong the kids.

i love people thatis why i am popular. right. i have a request. - what is it? i don't want peopleto make fun of our family. so don't drink alcohol today.- why should i? what are you doing? he is elder to's a matter of one day. - okay. just because my friendis requesting i am fine with it. brother.

you will go. nirmala, why has he come here? i.. - who called him? you. he isn't my friend. he is my enemy.don't you know. - don't get angry. i know about it. you can't punish the enemyby keeping him away. - then? if you want to punishthen call your enemy home. he will die of jealousseeing your prosperity.

you are right.i didn't think about it. how are you? - how are you? are you fine? - yes. how are you? you didn't want your sisterto marry me as i was poor then? even then you eloped with nirmala. you can see the grand weddingat that poor man's house. gopi krishna. arrange a place forbrother-in-law. - yes.

please come. - yes. thank you dear. i have met with elderbrother after so many years. janki is the personyou should thank. she told me the whole story. thanks dear. hello. - hello. the musical lookslike it's a wedding. is the wedding cancelled?

you are sensitive. fooling is allowed at weddings. adesh, before thisfunctions gets over.. ..find out who is badshahwho is helping prem pratap. okay dad. -sir. i want to speak to you. do you know for the pastfew days i am watching.. ..prem pratap isbehaving strangely. one more thing.

he was saying something like queen.servants. - badshah. yes right. he calls him up daily. they are in touch. he comes to meet him at night. did you see badshah?- i tried. but i couldn't see him in the dark. but one thing is confirmed. that man is very dangerous.

should i tell you somethingmore shocking? - yes. he is going to kill you. other than you, siddhu.. correct. that's him. do you work for sadhu? - no. why are you asking? you don't get anything for wedding.some token. - alright. don't tell anyone about this. i will give you a freeadvise with the information.

get friendly with that prem. he will tell you everything.- but.. this is free too. good evening uncle. - good evening. what is it?- a special bottle for you. sorry. i promised ram. but you can't refuse the groom.drink some juice. if it's juice then it's fine.

juice. ram. he used to scold meuntil yesterday. why is he becoming sweet today.- no idea. what is the planof sleepy prem pratap? yes. correct. uncle, juice. - yes. why did you bring 2 glasses?- you can have more if you like it. that's good.

very good. - then have one more. thanks. should i get one more? - yes. the juice isn't there. oh no! who drank it? there won't be any hairto tie after a few days. ramraj, all the guest are here.start the program. - yes sir. the ladies are going to dance. let's start with their performance.- how can they?

they can't cook will they dance? they will put me to shame. i always start anyfunction in our family. "like a whiff of wind." "she looks beautiful." "she is graceful." jaikrishna.what kind of dance is this? bharat natyam. no. it isn't.

you are doing wrong steps. you are giving sad expressionwhen the occasion is of happiness. nirmala. - why are you shouting? you don't know whatclassical dance is? you should have learntthe dance form first. father-in-law,can only boys dance? now i understood wherethe juice disappeared. i am a fan of a dancer. we will bring lifeto this function.

ramraj, let's start. "this youth has broughta grace to my attitude." "you never appreciated me." "this youth has broughta grace to your attitude." "you never appreciated it." "oh lord. oh lord." "i will shower my love.speak to you." "you will forget me." "don't touch my patty. my dear."

"don't touch my patty, my dear." "my dear." "when you bring her.. i am shocked." "this bird lives next door." "has grown up." "my heart.. falling in love." "if someone likeyou comes into my life."

"then it's great." "it's great." "the flowers need the sun.the sun needs the earth." "a heart needs a heart.a body needs a body." "everyone wants theunity of mind and body." "i am a goner." "my dear, my poor one." "why don't you leave me alone?" "i will deal with you.let me get something."

"i will hit you on your head." "i have the permit." it's a limit. how can you drinkalcohol for a family function? you have dishonored my family. are you with them? - they.. they are mad.don't you understand? it is not his mistake.- then whose mistake is it? your son-in-law mixedalcohol in the juice. - what? look, i have the footage.

listen, did he tellyou anything about badshah? he is under intoxication. it's useless. let's kidnap prem pratap singh. all our problemswill be solved. - you. he was about to kidnap me. speak softly. - why? i am more popular thanyou in the police department. that is why you are jealous of me.

don't shout or i will.. - kill me. come on. kill me, i say. adesh! sir.. - shut up! i know your character very well. you mixed alcohol in the juice. you are slapping my brother-in-law.what do you think of yourself? are you a man or an animal? why are you screamingat your son-in-law?

fooling is allowed at wedding?- what kind of joke is it? will he slap my brother-in-law? that too in my houseand in front of me. my brother-in-law likes me so much. if only this dream was true. say sorry to him. what are you thinking?the wedding may get canceled. say sorry.- why will he say sorry? he will hear from everyoneand say sorry too.

the commissionermust say sorry to him. we are respectedmuch more than you. what is the use of such a respect? instead of scolding your son forhis mistake you are supporting him. have you gone insane? hold your tongue. old man? did you call me an old man? just get out.

we are brave too. why are you fighting like kids? cancel the wedding and be at peace. in this way you will spoilyour dignity in the society. you are right.this wedding is canceled. who are you to cancel it?i will cancel it. this wedding is canceled. get out. - who wants to be here? lowly family.

you are lowly.your family. your ancestors. your whole you call me lowly? sir, it happened for the best. brother-in-law,since this wedding got canceled.. won't affect our dignity. it's possible that youwill get a better son-in-law. maybe that's the reasonthis has happened. right? correct. he and jankididn't look good together. she needs some other groom.

keshav gave his lifefor the police department. it is our duty to takecare of his family. keep this. thank you uncle. we must thank your dad. tell me if you require anything. i. g, the police of theworld is searching for me. you are playinghide and seek with me. we know that adesh didn'thand over the rdx to the police. we also know who is helping you.

tell me where badshah is. or you will go missing. people like adeshcan cheat the nation. there are many police officers whocan give their life for the country. tell me, why you wantto take me in the film? as.. ..seeing your heroism on televisioni thought the film will be a hit. who will see me? - robert. he will be scaredseeing you with me.

if not? -then i will die. how is he connected to you?- enmity. he asked for money.i didn't pay him. he got angry. i ran away. he attacked me in italy.- why did you go to italy? to see a location. gopi cheated me. why are you quiet?what happened next? he didn't come buthe send his niece to me.

what are you staring at? tell me. he came there with 2 assistants. what is wrong? there is a problemwhen i start thinking. i can see the characterwhen i am telling you the story. my visualization is strong. what happens to meis happening with him i feel the sleepyprem pratap wants me.. have an affairwith some heroine.

tell me, who is the heroine.- sarita jowar. my co star. - salika rao. salika rao. your expenses willbe less. where is the location of? tell me about her. has salika raoput on weight or not. let me introduce her to you.-that's great. what is happening here?there are men here. edda robert. adesh. sadhu. genda. are they in the film?

i got it.this is the climax of my dream. it may have created thissituation by bringing them here. so that i can deal with them. because of you we are in trouble. hand over that prem tothem and take us from here. the release date ofmy film is close at hand. who are you to handover me to them?i will hand them over to the jailor. adesh, what are you doinghere with him and the goons? don't shout. where is badshah?

are you askingbadshah where is he? i am badshah.i start the fight and end it too. hey, you are gettingon the wrong side of me. the windows tremblewhen i shake them.. ..i tremble with the windows. say pack up. we are getting late. if we speak he will pack us up.- forget the pack up. hey, you are hitting me? you are slapping me in my world.

is this your world?- yes. this is my world. this world is mine.- forget your world. why are you speaking nonsense.- i am not speaking nonsense. you are in my world. i have created you. the sleeping pratap wished.. ..that you would comein my dream. i would hit you. he is sleeping.- is it? where is he sleeping?

you can't tell anyoneabout this dream. if you tell them thenyou will die in your dreams. impossible.- i can't tell you that. mom. dad. grandpa.grandma. uncle. aunt. stop it. if i tell you then i will be dead. if you don't tell us thentoo you will die. tell us. uncle. aunt. i don't want to die. i can't tell you.

tell us.- you think we are mad. tell us. i am getting beating inmy dreams and its bleeding too. why did he make sucha situation in his dream? i can't be a part of such a dream. i will have come out of it. how? close youreyes and sing a song. take love. give love. what are you thinking? tell us. sir, give me some time.

i will tell you everything clearly.please. - okay. give love. acting. he is sleeping.. though he is in his bed. get up and have some milk. he is getting up. they were in my dreams.the chinese machine has failed. duplicate things are not good.- get up.

ramraj fooled me.- ramraj! who is ramraj? who is ramraj? tell me. - i will. because of him i am trapped. look. he is the wedding planner. shut up! he is badshah. yes. he is badshah.- if he is badshah.. ..then who is shahrukh khan?- sadhu. it is impossibleto understand his plans.

that is why we callhim master mind badshah. we caught adesh withthe help of janki. we instigated adesh with the helpof prem pratap's dream machine. and you had to come here. it was not easy to killa cunning person like you. that is why badshah used a pawn. a scientist had builda machine to fulfill his dreams. this is the same dream machine. you are dreaming.

what will he do in my dream?- we can't decide it. you will be the king of dreams. so this isn't a dream. you will know it right away. why did he fool me? you are useless fellow. adesh, it is not safe to stay here. call up wilson and geta helicopter from the base. ramraj singh.

assistant commissioner of police. when rdx was caught in india.. ..i had recruited himin my department on the very day. it is very good at acting. sadhu. he had dealt with mafia.. ..when he didn't evenreceive his uniform. now that he has comewith his uniform.. ..just imagine how manypieces he will make of you. badshah, for the past 20 years.. police officer gotme at the boundary of india. you did it. i will give you what you want. ask me what you want? let me go. sadhu! their addressis not on their clothes. that is why your offercan lure these loafers. but these clothes have an address. my name is ramraj.

do you know themeaning of this name? when lord ram picked up hisbow and arrow ravan got killed. lanka has turned into ashes. note down. your time is over. badshah! if you move then this i.g will die. what a stunt? brother, we will usethis formula in our next film. raj shetty has the same formula.

everything is under control, sir. you.. the bomb blast that you plantedhas killed many innocent people. one among them wasmy brother siddhu. even if you were hiding in hell.. ..i would have killed you there. the vow that i took. i fulfilled it today. your death!

badshah. everyone is dead. i am alive. and you are alive. don't you feel thestars are on my sides. i am lucky. shall i try my luck? oh no. badshah, no. no. sir. operationbadshah is completed. our family tradition is intact. a police officer is my son-in-law.

this is the blessingsof my ancestors. dad, seeing you happy i feel.. ..someone has hita six at a cricket stadium. example is old butthe expression is new. sir, doesn't it look like a dream.- a dream again? i hope you liked the movie.'


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