jobs in nairobi

jobs in nairobi

our success story in this market we have more than 20,000 tracking devices sold in the kenyan market so it's a hot business for any entrepreneur to join our family. my name is betty aende has sold tramigo products along mombasa road. my dream is to be successful and prominent business women within kenya and to offer the best and quality services that will make me be prominent. it's been a successful business because where i am i started as an agent and i became a re-seller

and now an executive re-seller for tramigo products. of course you need some capital to start a business and we can show you how to double up your capital by selling our products. the first initial steps is first to do the order for them to even organize for training. to the finland people they always send somebody to do training for you. training for the technician, training for about the product that is for the marketing people depending on how the structure of your business is so they organise someone to train locally

anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur today, can start the business. it's all about making money with the tramigo products. then the training for a week is quite basic to understand, very simple and very easy to sell. anyone who drives a car in nairobi or in east africa needs a tracking device. and for new entrepreneur that's your target market. so if today invest in tramigo, tomorrow i can quickly start selling my products to my family, my brothers, my friends and that's immediate profit. it can take up three minutes to close a deal because i can.

everyone wants a tracking device for a total peace of mind. we have targets for my business personally i have targets, like in a month that is number of units i have to sell to make it sure wherever to or whenever i want to be. i was in love with tramigo from the wide world because of the feedback that the clients were giving us. we can see the variety of product that tramigo had launched since then and that can truly tell that the feedbacks were getting, make us expand the business and get better product to market.

i'm a family person, i have children and i need my children to live at their comfort. i need them to be comfortable at anytime that's why i'm working hard i'm doing my own business so that i can see them comfortable. like we are told; i need to invest to my children for that they could also to be successful in life we will welcome you to join our family where we will market you all over the world

if we have customers in other countries and other cities in the world and we have a customer for you for an example in east africa we will give out your contact. we encourage the young boys and girls, who are complaining that there are no jobs, to start as an agent we us re-seller we give you support to do it. in the future, i'm seeing tramigo dominate globally and to be number one leading car tracking device within the market we have local support, we have local 24 hours skype phone support.

on the 2 years warranty for the product, we have it locally so unlike other competitors or unlike other cheap products that are available in the market, where it will be hard for you to get local support i will encourage you here, locally to help you grow the business and to help you make the money. contact us today to find out more!


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jobs in nairobi