jobs of government 2016

jobs of government 2016

thank you deputy speaker. all australians want is a government thatcan create good secure jobs, jobs that they can count on. that is all australian workers want. that is all australian grandparents want,is their grandchildren to have good secure jobs that they can count on. all parents want is for their children tohave access to the same employment opportunities that they themselves had when they were younger. yet what we have seen from this governmentis no plan.

what we have seen from this government isattack after attack on workers. let us talk about the miners in central queenslandand this government's failure to stand up for the directly employed anglo american mineworkers who, right this minute, are facing forced redundancies. their employer has said that they are goingto make 80 to 90 of them redundant. at the same time, their employer has advertisedfor labour-hire workers to replace the directly employed workers. where has the deputy prime minister been speakingout and calling out this employer on that disgraceful act?

where is the member for dawson? where are the centre of queensland membersstanding up and calling on this company to keep the directly employed people workingat that mine? this is not just happening in mining. this is happening across the sector. and the government is letting corporate australiaget away with it. there are 100,000 full-time jobs that havebeen lost since the beginning of the year and they have been replaced by insecure labour-hirecasual jobs. underemployment is spiking in this country.

full-time employment is crashing, yet allthe government can do is champion business for creating insecure work. all the government can do is champion theproductivity gains. this government does not care about full-timejobs, it does not care about australian workers wanting full-time jobs and it does not careabout families relying on decent full-time jobs to secure their futures. this government killed off the car industry. they like to pretend it was not them, butit was. they are also stalling and failing to properlycreate industry to replace those jobs being

lost in the car industry, particularly instates like south australia and victoria. all we have seen this week is crocodile tearsfrom the government about what is going on in hazelwood. where are the tears for the holden workers? where are the tears for the component suppliersof the car industry, people in regional victoria, people in the south and the north of melbourne? where is the government's plan to help thoseworkers into decent full-time jobs? that is all australian grandparents want,for their grandchildren to have good secure


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jobs of government 2016